Every business is on social networks, and so is yours. Obviously, you want Sales and Conversions. Or perhaps, you are building a personal brand. But do you get the feeling that no one is engaging with your content? You keep changing strategies, listen to the next big marketing Guru, and yet nothing seems to happen?

Let’s first figure out what exactly do these social networks want (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn). Then we will understand what we need to do to create a high performing social media strategy.

So, first of all, the social media giants want money – no surprises here. In their initial phase, all of them aim to provide value to their consumers (free of charge) and eventually look at ads to drive their growth. This is the reason behind the chaotic mess that Instagram has become these days. Mark Zuckerburg and the company want to restrict organic reach so that people have to pay Instagram to show their content to the target segment. Eventually, all social media channels will come to this point. It is not only the Capitalist thinking behind this. They are deluged by low-quality content to such an extent that the smart algorithms give up – hence, the paid reach starts playing a more significant role.

But the above is beyond our control; it is what it is. What is in our control is to create content that serves its purposes – that of engaging our audience and giving us more Sales.

To succeed, businesses and entrepreneurs need to stop wearing the hat of content publishers and start becoming content creators. Find out the need of your audience. At its core, everyone wants to live a better life – by improving themselves, by earning more money, or by achieving their other goals. Somehow your content should genuinely cover these points.

Create aspirational value in your content – not by faking it, but by delivering real value. And be consistent, keep working to build authority. Listen to feedback, engage, and answer questions. Pretty soon, you will notice two things happening. First, the audience will start interacting more with your content. And second, you will refine your content marketing.

Try it out for a few months. This strategy will work much better than only running after clients hoping they will appreciate your product.